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MedData is among the nation’s leading providers of medical billing services. For over 30 years, MedData has solidified its leadership position within the billing sector by expanding upon and redefining the typical revenue cycle management processes of coding, billing and collections. 

MedData serves 3,000 physicians across 700 facilities throughout the U.S., having built a national presence by becoming experts at the state level. To date, we have handled billing for more than 125 million patients.

MedData clearly differentiates itself from other coding and charge generation services via:

  • 125 million patients served with a proven compliance record
  • MedData Plus, our proprietary patient pay offering, successfully secures 30% increase in patient pay reimbursements and 15% found insurance on this population
  • 3x the number of billing & A/R resources as our competitors
  • Collection efficiency on insured accounts that averages 95-98% (vs. 85-89% average industry-wide)

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