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For more than 30 years, physicians across the nation have relied on MedData’s expertise to manage their billing functions as well as to enhance and expedite their practice’s reimbursement processes.

Having coded over 125 million patient encounters during our tenure and supported by an unblemished compliance record, our reputation is proven. That’s why we boast a national presence with clientele spanning 40 states, 700 facilities and over 3,000 physicians.

MedData employs a large, highly experienced team of expert billers and certified coders. Furthermore, we employ three times more billing and collection resources than our competitors. As a result, our reimbursement rates set the benchmark for the industry standard, and our flexible, scalable and customizable approach is designed to quickly address every individual client characteristic and need.

Our collection efficiency on insured accounts averages 95-98% while the rest of the industry is comfortable collecting 85-89%. Furthermore, our persistence of collection efforts results in 98% of accounts resolved within six months and 100% within the year.

Technology drives our innovation, and our innovation drives the entire revenue cycle management industry. For example, MedData Plus, our proprietary patient pay offering, averages 15% found insurance and a 30% increase in patient pay reimbursement. We’ve also launched MedData I.Q., a secure, state-of-the-art online portal where clients easily access detailed operational, financial, productivity and clinical information occurring within their practice. And MedData Visit View is our online solution that provides physicians access to their patients’ data.

At MedData, we understand that our clients’ success is intricately tied to our business practices. In fact, our standard operating procedure includes the assignment of two client service managers to every account that are dedicated to personally monitor all operating procedures with a single point of contact for every need, 24 hours a day. 
This deep, practice-level expertise, along with our established industry leadership position in fast provider enrollment, payer fee-schedule analyses and contract negotiations, has enabled our clients to attain uninterrupted reimbursements and enjoy increased coverage rates.

For new clients, our dedicated implementation team ensures nothing falls through the cracks via structured meetings and critical-path milestones for seamless transitions. With sophisticated client revenue projections for accurate and actionable financial planning and fast provider enrollment for uninterrupted reimbursements, cash flow is optimized.

The breadth and depth of our large management team exemplifies expertise across many functional areas, meaning less risk of losing critical or proprietary leadership. This team, and the entire MedData culture, exemplifies a commitment to tracking and enhancing patient satisfaction via processes, technology, education and communication.

MedData’s patient-first revenue cycle management solutions help ensure the best healthcare delivery possible by empowering physicians to do what they do best – deliver quality health care.

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