Billing & A/R

Billing & A/RMedData’s billing and A/R protocols aren’t complicated, but they are distinctive.

We’ve developed a special hands-on process for patient-pay balances, resulting in up to four times the success rate when compared with others.

The MedData team proactively conducts outbound A/R calling to achieve immediate and consistent recovery results. And, our detailed, daily patient statement schedule optimizes recovery rates via multiple touch points. Lastly, we’ve increased patient satisfaction and reduced phone calls with our online self-service patient portal. 

These are just some examples of how MedData achieves significantly higher recovery rates for its clients with less sent to collections.

Patient Pay Process

The competitive difference is that we hold on to accounts longer and work them harder.

We’re able to do all of this for one key reason: we utilize three times the number of billing and A/R resources than our competitors.

Tripling the number of resources means triple the recovery rates for our clients.

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