Stronger reimbursement on patient balances while creating a better patient experience.

Before your patients ever receive a bill, our MedDirect solution has a proprietary process to connect with them.

MedDirect connects with patients immediately after care through personalized, multi-channel communications.

MedDirect Features

The MedDirect solution sits on top of your existing billing services: there’s no need to change billing companies.

With MedDirect there’s no need to disrupt your current billing processes, prepare for a lengthy and intrusive implementation process, and no upfront costs whatsoever. Best of all, MedDirect doesn’t change the way physicians see patients; it’s simply the most effective way to maximize reimbursement and enhance the patient experience.

MedDirect Process

Our solution connects with patients who have uninsured balances prior to ever receiving their first bill. We do this via proven patient segmentation and outreach strategies that educate, engage and communicate with patients in a way that drives results. Our technology and hands-on process includes patient satisfaction services and feedback loops to both the client and their billing service that help refine existing processes.


MedDirect's services are specialty-neutral. Some of the specialties currently utilizing MedDirect include:

• Allergy • Alzheimers/Dementia • Breast Services • Cardiology • Dermatology • Endocrinology • Epilepsy • Gastroenterology • General Surgery • Hand Surgery • Headache Program • Nephrology • Ophthalmology • Oral/Maxillofacial • Orthopedics • Otolaryngology • Pain Rehabilitation • Pediatric Cardiology • Pediatric Ophthalmology • Physiatry • Plastic Surgery • Podiatry • Pulmonary • Reproductive Endocrinology • Rheumatology • Vascular Surgery • Vein Treatment • Urology

The bottom line – MedDirect:

  • Conducts customized patient satisfaction surveys
  • Drives revenue - average 15% found insurance and 30% increase inpatient pay reimbursement
  • Reduces expenses - far less sent to collection agencies
  • Creates a better patient experience

A patient-first approach that extends beyond medical care itself – that’s MedDirect.

MedDirect, a MedData Company

Having handled over 125 million patient encounters throughout our 30+ year tenure with a proven compliance record well known across the industry, MedData has set the new standard for revenue cycle management.

Now, with MedDirect as part of the MedData family, clients enjoy the financial backing, scalability and strength of one of the largest revenue cycle management companies in the industry.

Our experience is established. Our innovation leads the industry. Our organization is rock solid. We’ve earned our reputation through hands-on, personal service and unmatched customer care. Your business is our top priority, and it shows in every facet of our culture.

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