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What does "patient-focused" mean?

It’s a simple, although unfortunately unique, philosophy across the healthcare continuum: we put the patient at the forefront of everything we do to ensure they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve throughout their entire healthcare financial lifecycle.

From registration processes, coding turnaround times, and industry-leading compliance procedures, to innovative patient communication and billing safeguards, protocols and resources, MedData is singularly focused on your patients to ensure the satisfaction they enjoy during care isn’t compromised by robotic, machine-driven processes after care.

We are all patients, and we absolutely do care about how each individual is treated throughout the billing process. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this philosophy has proven that when patients are treated this way, they are not only more satisfied with their doctors and facilities, but they are more likely to pay their bills.

In fact, every day our clients’ patients proactively call us to thank us and compliment our patient services representatives for surpassing expectations and helping them understand what they owe, why they owe it, and how to pay it.

Yes, it’s true: patients call us every day to thank us for the wonderful billing experience they received.

Having provided medical billing services for over 35 years, servicing thousands of facilities and physicians nationwide, our patient-focused culture emphasizes patient satisfaction over collections. As a result, MedData achieves, on average, a 36% increase in patient self-pay collections and an additional 15% found insurance across our client base while improving patient satisfaction scores.

At MedData, we truly value our clients. We greatly look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your patients.