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Training Patient Service Representatives To Make A Difference

Training Patient Service Representatives to Make a Difference

Today’s patients are consumers – they can, and do, shop around for the best value, the best care, and the best service. Because they have this power, they will quickly look for another physician or another hospital if their pre- and post-visit experiences don’t match their clinical experience.

At MedData, we put the patient at the forefront of everything we do to ensure they are treated with the respect, dignity, and professionalism they deserve throughout their entire healthcare financial lifecycle. Operating this way gives us the opportunity for dialogue – to learn more, connect with the patient, and keep them as a customer.

Our consumer-focused culture aligns staff incentives with patient satisfaction, not collections, and it all starts with our extensive training program.

All new hires begin with an immersive four-week training curriculum that ensures each Patient Service Representative (PSR) is prepared to handle every different call and challenging scenario they are likely to encounter. Following initial training, new hires retrain every month for the first 6 months – focusing on insurance billing, conflict resolution, and complicated scenarios that may arise as they gain more experience. Every PSR meets with a quality and training coach twice a month to receive one-on-one coaching on individual issues, review the past month’s calls, and discuss recent policy and procedural changes. They also have ongoing access to a help line managed by supervisors who can answer questions or take over calls depending on the scenario.

We also focus heavily on achieving First Call Resolution with each patient – making every effort to help them understand their bills and provide them with the highest level of customer service to resolve their issue the first time they call.

Training our staff to be patient-focused prevents delays, reduces denials, and ultimately enhances patient satisfaction. And as a result, we have patients call us back every day to compliment our PSRs for exceeding expectations and making a difference in understanding what they owe, why they owe it, and how to pay it.

Here are just a few of the compliments we’ve received this week:

  • “Holly was so helpful in explaining everything – I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I did before.”
  • “Angela was wonderful, kind, and very helpful. You are very lucky to have her working there.”
  • “I worked in customer service for many years and I really appreciate how I was treated. Danielle was so professional, helpful, and courteous.”
  • “Emily went the extra mile to help. It means a lot that you have people willing to help in such a way.”

Spencer Galloway, Vice President of Operations, Patient Pay, has served over 20 years in executive leadership in senior financial, operational and general management roles with an emphasis on helping small to mid-sized businesses build to maturity and profitability.

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  1. Hi, l love to know when next class is coming up because i want to be part of this career. Thanks.

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