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It’s Twice As Nice To Be Named A 2016 Top Workplace

It’s Twice as Nice to be Named a 2016 Top Workplace

Last month, MedData was named a 2016 Top Workplaces, Workplace Achiever by The Cleveland Plain Dealer for the second year in a row.

This is a big deal for our company because it means that our employees have no fear in providing constructive criticism and they believe that leadership is willing to listen, accept, and act upon their valuable feedback!

In 2015, the first year MedData was named a Top Workplace, 78% of our employees participated in the survey. This year, in 2016, we saw that number grow to 84%. And, in addition to answering specific questions, we had over 350 individual comments. Because that number increased, it means we are addressing issues our employees are bringing to us in-person and through the survey. It also means we are meeting the Best Practice Standards set by Workplace Dynamics, the organization that administers the survey.

We want to provide our external customers – our clients and their patients – with the highest levels of customer service and this starts with our leadership team meeting and exceeding this standard for our internal clients – our employees. And when this happens, we see our employees meet this example with one another.

We view workplace and employee morale in a holistic manner and understanding our organizational health in detail is the way we get better. Having metrics and data empowers our company to strategically develop workplace initiatives that ensure we have healthy relationships between employees, teams, and managers.

It’s not unlike the annual checkup you have with your doctor. Checkups can help identify problems before they start and help you and your physician draft a plan for living a longer, healthier life.

At this year’s checkup for MedData, we learned we are doing many things right and continuing to improve – for the second year in a row!

It’s an honor to share and celebrate this recognition with our employees.

Here’s an infographic from our partners at Cigna that shows some of the steps we have been taking over the past 5 years to improve our employees’ overall health. This strategy has been part of the reason our employees have rated us so highly in the Workplace Dynamic survey.

Barb Astler

Barb Astler

Barb Astler, Sr. Vice President of Human Resources, joined MedData in 2011 in an effort to build a strong Human Resources function, assure policy, practices and compliance and to foster a highly productive, winning culture.

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