Why Patient Engagement Needs to be Rewired

Ann Barnes

Ann has served as President and CEO of MedData since 2013.

The following is an excerpt from a LinkedIn post by MedData, president and CEO, Ann Barnes. You can read the entire post on LinkedIn.

I hear the term “patient engagement” thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly does it mean?

The most common definition seems to be “engaging patients in their healthcare decisions to be healthier and have better outcomes,” but unfortunately many hospitals and physicians still operate as if it’s only to engage patients at the point of care. It’s almost as if patients stop being patients after their visit. But the visit is only one small piece of the overall patient experience. Before, after, and in between, most patient interactions are often NOT with physicians and nurses – they’re with administrative or billing staff who may have no knowledge of the rest of the patient experience. How can organizations continue to engage patients when they are not onsite?

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