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Happy Employees Make Happy Patients

Happy Employees Make Happy Patients

Walking into the office on a day like “Tie-Dye Tuesday” proves why MedData proudly holds the “Top Places to Work” title two years in a row. Tie-dye has taken over every cubical, break room and hallway and the laughter is radiating. If you take a look at the company calendar, you’d find there is no shortage of fun events going on around the office. Why are these types of events so important at MedData? Simply put: Happy employees make happy patients.

People always say when you’re having fun, those around you feel it. When an employee is happy and proud of the brand they are representing, their clients (or in our case, patients) will hear it in their voices, see it on their faces, and feel it through the service they provide. As much as we love a celebration, maintaining happy employees is about more than throwing fun events. At MedData, we strive to maintain open employee communication. With our new intranet platform, Pulse, our entire staff is better connected and able to easily access tools and resources to provide our patients with even better service. We are able to have open communication amongst every level of the company nationwide. This fluid communication is carried through all the way to the patient.

In an industry that is fast-paced and directly impacts our patient’s livelihood, there can be stressful moments from day to day as a MedData employee. But we take each day as it comes, fill up our plate with goodies from this month’s office potluck and, always, put the patient first because when you love what you do, it shows.

Rachel Porec

Rachel Porec is a Digital Marketing Manager at MedData, overseeing all online communication channels, including websites, email marketing, social media, and advertising campaigns. Rachel is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University (LSU) – Geaux Tigers!!!

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