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Uniting To Take Great Care Of Your Patients

Uniting to Take Great Care of Your Patients

Across the MEDNAX portfolio of companies, we are united across both clinical and non-clinical services to take great care of patients every day and in every way. It’s at the forefront of every new technology we develop, every acquisition we consider, and every decision we make.

Moving closer together among the MEDNAX family of companies demands that we hone our ability to tell the same story. Consistent patient messaging in every interaction is key to our ability to succeed in the instability of today’s market and the unpredictability of tomorrow’s.

Though challenges are everywhere in healthcare, it’s certainly an exciting time. And as we look to the future, we are poised to shine even brighter.

Our accelerated organic growth plans over the next few years will be largely contingent upon our passion to cultivate and expand our existing relationships with hospitals and health systems by truly adding value to their organizations and, especially, their patients.

The deep connections we have with our clients give us insight into what they need and why they need it. We have learned that our hospital partners want a trusted vendor who can help them solve more problems. Someone who can provide more key resources. And someone who desires to be more integral and invested in their success.

Our internal team members must be aligned in order to elevate cross-company progress toward a singular and consistent approach to client relationships while improving the patient experience and clinical outcomes. These teams will raise their level of collaboration to capitalize on sales and marketing synergies, market intelligence, and shared technology platforms.

We are in the process of setting many components of our vision in motion, and are already seeing incredible benefits and efficiencies for our clients. It’s immensely encouraging as we take new steps forward, and as we do, we’ll keep our eyes fixed on the horizon, looking ahead to ways we can evolve. Not only do we see this as only the start of something bigger, but something better as well for everyone.

Ann Barnes

Ann Barnes

Ann has served as President and CEO of MedData since 2013.

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