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Defining Avoidable Visits To Drive Affordable Patient ED Access

Defining Avoidable Visits to Drive Affordable Patient ED Access

The study defined ‘avoidable’ ED visits as discharged ED visits not requiring any diagnostic tests, procedures, or medications and using these criteria, only 3.3 percent were avoidable.

The healthcare industry has long tried to reduce the number of avoidable ED visits because ED admissions are extremely costly for patients, hospitals, and health payers. Policy initiatives, including the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, have called for a reduction in avoidable admissions, the researchers said. In the 2005 law, policymakers allowed cost-sharing impositions for Medicaid patients visiting the ED for reasons deemed avoidable.This current study, published in the International Journal for Quality in Health Care, contends that most emergency department visits are not avoidable.

Source: Defining Avoidable Visits to Drive Affordable Patient ED Access

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