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Trump Signs Order To Require Medicaid Recipients To Work

Trump Signs Order to Require Medicaid Recipients to Work

Medicaid coverage continues to be a hot topic across the country as several states consider expanding coverage and now Trump’s executive order adds work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries. With our proprietary technology able to screen 2,050 different state and local programs and field advocates on the ground across the country, MedData is the only revenue cycle partner prepared to handle these changes on a national level.

President Trump quietly signed a long-anticipated executive order on Tuesday intended to force low-income recipients of food assistance, Medicaid and low-income housing subsidies to join the work force or face the loss of their benefits.

Source: Trump Signs Order to Require Recipients of Federal Aid Programs to Work – The New York Times

Sean Biehle

Sean Biehle

Sean is Director of Creative Services for MedData, overseeing all content, design, and communications. With over 20 years of experience spanning multiple disciplines and media, Sean has helped launch several successful companies and grow business for multiple clients. He is a proud graduate of Northwestern University. Go Cats!

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  1. If The President is going to insist that Medicaid recipients work, he is going to have to step in and make the individual states re-evaluate and completely refurbish the Medicaid Income Qualifications matrix.
    As medications and health care costs rise to astronomical levels and insurance companies following suit, many companies that once offered Medical Insurance as an employee benefit, have dropped insurance and left their employees to fend for themselves. The average person working, what use to be considered a “Good Job” cannot afford to purchase private or commercial insurance and continue to stay above water financially. There are more people in the country without healthcare insurance then ever before.
    As it stands now, if a single parent with 1 dependant child, works a full time 40 hour job and makes $11.00 per hour, she is “Over Income” for Ohio Medicaid. It is a catch 22… Making $11 an hour is below poverty level, so If that parent wants to attempt to pay bills, eat and provide for a child, they have to “Go Without” one way or the other.
    It is nearly impossible to live independantly on that wage, least of all, raise a child. The single parent can continue making $11 an hour and continue struggling to survive financially, or they can cut back their hours and lose valuable income to be eligible for Ohio Medicaid. It does not make sense and acts like Medicaid is punishing people who want to work.
    This is a real struggle for a majority of working class people now-days. Even if a company offers medical coverage as part of a benefits package, the insurance premium is deducted from their already thin pay check. These insurance companies and policies then offer outragous deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. In turn, employees cannot afford to take part in the companies insurance package.
    It is a very vicious and unfair cycle and I agree with the President that something does need to be done. I also agree that people need to step up to the plate and try to help themselves before they expect others to do it and holding a job is a responsible and practical start, but only if Medicaid and the government takes responsibility and stop making it impossible for deserving people to get medical coverage

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