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Medicaid Coverage – Good for Your Patients and Your Bottom Line

It seems like critics of Medicaid are everywhere these days, but a new study supports the efficacy of the program depended upon by millions of low-income and needy Americans.

With a smart approach to connecting this vulnerable population to the right resources, your organization could improve patient satisfaction and cut costs at the same time.

Don’t Dismiss the Value of Medicaid

Doubts about Medicaid patients’ access to and quality of care have persisted for years. Much of the negative perception of Medicaid stems from an oft-cited, 2011 study from The Heritage Group called “Medicaid Provides Poor Quality Care: What the Research Shows.”

However, researchers from America’s Health Insurance Plans debunk those popular criticisms in the new study “The Value of Medicaid: Providing Access to Care and Preventive Health Services.” The primary findings from this analysis reveal that adults and children enrolled in a Medicaid health plan had significantly better access to care and preventive services than people with no health coverage.

As this study indicates, getting Medicaid and similar programs such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) makes sense for patients not just from a cost standpoint but also from a care standpoint. For example, having regular access to care through Medicaid’s coverage could possibly lower readmission rates.

Meanwhile, Medicaid is also getting plenty of attention from legislatures across the country. Some states are still considering expanding Medicaid coverage within their borders, while others are proposing to add work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries and the current administration is taking action to enforce the proliferation of work requirements nationwide.

It’s hard to predict what might happen, but one thing seems fairly certain: If your organization wants to make the best use of Medicaid, you’ll need to be prepared to handle these changes on a national level. Typically, hospitals don’t have adequate resources – whether internal or through a vendor – to do so.

Conveniently Connect Patients with the Right Resources

Yet, as the debate over Medicaid continues to make headlines, many people who might benefit from it are unaware of the financial resources that could be available to them or don’t have access to the assistance they need to apply. The process can be confusing and frustrating, which is why many patients delay seeking assistance or don’t seek it at all.

Part of the problem is that a patient has to prove everything on their application via documentation. There are over 6,000 different document combinations when you consider all the state county and federal programs. That greatly increases the risk of missing a document or submission timeframe – the top reason for case denials.

There are potentially Medicaid-eligible patients looking for financial help at hospitals and health systems everywhere – probably even yours. Put Medicaid to work for you with a unified solution dedicated to finding the correct coverage for every patient regardless of their situation, so your healthcare organization can rest easy knowing that your patients’ financial experience is just as great as their clinical one.

At MedData, we’ve developed a solution that does just that. Our method identifies any available payer sources and the most appropriate coverage – including Medicaid – in compliance with all regulatory and internal requirements through a single touchpoint for patients.

The process starts with our screening and advocacy programs which are designed to do two simple things:

  • Find as many existing coverage options as possible.
  • Get patients qualified for as much additional coverage as possible.

Our advocates use proprietary technology to screen for over 2,050 different programs, and we make it easy for patients so they don’t have to worry about complex applications. Plus, we are the ONLY vendor with resources available anywhere in the country on-site and in the field to provide real-time feedback and updates, making us extremely responsive to the constantly shifting landscape across all 50 states.

By using one comprehensive solution for everything – from eligibility, to post-care follow-up, to account closure – you ensure a coordinated process for you and your patients. As a result, they enjoy an improved overall care experience and you benefit from better reimbursement.

So, don’t believe the doubters. There IS value in Medicaid – for your patients’ care and for your bottom line.

Kathy Hershey

Kathy Hershey

Kathy is Marketing Director for MedData, overseeing all events, trade shows, and CRM activities.