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They Were Covered By Health Insurance, But Their Newborn Son Wasn’t

They were covered by health insurance, but their newborn son wasn’t

A loophole allowed their medical insurance provider to refuse coverage for the birth of their son. Now these parents are stuck with a $28,000 bill.

Finally, 11 days after Haroum’s birth, Hendrickson and her newborn both appeared to be out of the woods.

Then, the trouble with their health insurance began.

Hendrickson, a yoga instructor, and her husband, Scott Craig, a nuclear pharmacist, had taken care to choose an in-network preferred hospital of their insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem.

Hendrickson’s obstetrician was also an attending physician there. Yet, the bill for the hospital was a jaw-dropping $27, 411.81.

Because of the medical crises Hendrickson and her baby had endured, the family had missed the 30-day window to enroll their newborn on Craig’s health insurance plan… a requirement they hadn’t even known existed.

Having a baby should be one of the most exhilarating times of your life. Yet, thanks to outrageously high hospital bills and health insurance woes, it’s become one of the most stressful times for many parents.

Source: They were covered by health insurance, but their newborn son wasn’t | Healthline

Every patient and family needs financial care, an advocate, and help navigating our convoluted healthcare system, especially when they are dealing with a new addition to their family. Ensuring newborns are connected to a payer source is not only critical to reimbursement, but to the families long-term financial wellbeing.

MedData’s Newborn Enrollment program helps emotionally and financially stressed individuals access coverages and enroll their baby in appropriate coverage.

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