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New California Healthcare Proposals

New California Healthcare Proposals

In his first acts as California governor, Gavin Newsom, proposed a series of executive orders and proposals to expand health care in his state:

  1. Reinstate the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate on the state level
  2. Expand state’s health insurance program, Medi-Cal, coverage for middle income families (up to 600% of FPL) and undocumented immigrants (up to age 26).
  3. Give Medi-Cal new powers to negotiate drug prices (currently those prices are negotiated by a combination of public and private entities)
  4. Called on the federal government to lift limitations on California from pursuing a government-funded “single payer” health care system.

The last item was submitted in the form of a letter to the President and leaders of Congress, the full text of which is attached in a PDF.

For a quick summary of what the letter proposes, watch this short video from the Sacramento Bee.

Doug Turek

Doug Turek

Mr. Turek is Senior Vice President of Regulatory and Governmental Affairs for MedData and has been a licensed attorney in Texas for nearly 20 years. Mr. Turek is also licensed in Utah, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

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