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Sales & Marketing

Our Sales team is actively focused on bringing new clients to MedData via Sales Managers around the country who educate prospects about the MedData difference. Our Marketing team creates the broader marketing strategy while partnering with sales and client services to develop and implement MedData’s go-to-market and brand loyalty strategy.

Provider Enrollment

Our Provider Enrollment group is a detail-oriented team that works as the conduit between our Client Services team and our clients’ provider network, ensuring that enrollment occurs quickly and effectively so that our clients’ cash flow is optimized.

Client Services

Our Client Services Department partners directly with our clients, providing day-to-day support and reporting. Client Services actively partner with other departments to ensure that all our clients’ needs are met.

Support Services

Our Support Services Department touches every MedData process within operations, ensuring that patient charts, demographics and documents are accounted for, uploaded into our proprietary databases and available for our Coding Department. Support Services Specialists are also responsible for responding to Attorney Requests for information and paper claims processing.


Our Coding Department employs Certified Professional Coders and Auditors that work together to ensure accurate and timely assignment of appropriate ICD-10 and CPT4 codes for all patient charts. Our dedicated Coders and our proprietary coding methodology have earned MedData the reputation as “best in business” in accuracy and compliance.

Billing and Accounts Receivable

Our Billing and Accounts Receivable group has set the bar high across the industry via unparalleled communication and processing standards. Each day this group works our clients’ patient accounts to ensure each individual is treated with care and respect, diligently focused on both patient and client satisfaction.

Patient Services

The Patient Services Department is the primary point of contact for our clients’ patients, providing assistance and solutions relating to claims, billing and payment issues.

Compliance and Education

Compliance and Education are key to any regulated industry. Led by our Chief Medical Director, this team maintains our organizational competency with regard to all requirements, standards, changes and trends in the industry. They educate and monitor not only internal staff but provide risk management and auditing functions and education to our clients.

Information Technology/Systems

Our IT/Systems group is the foundation for MedData’s success. With industry-leading technological developments and advances, our clients are dialed into the most advanced and sophisticated data-services billing company in the industry.

Featured Job Openings

Patient Services Representative

Patient Services Representatives focus on problem solving and educating patients on their financial options. PSRs are responsible for providing compassionate customer service to delight patients and working together to efficiently resolve patient accounts.

Patient Advocate

Patient Advocates work with uninsured hospital patients to connect them with programs that will cover their medical expenses. Acting on behalf of the patient in need, the advocate is a compassionate liaison between the hospital facility and government agencies.

Disability Advocate

Disability Advocates provide compassionate advocacy work for individuals seeking disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSI/SSDI) programs. Advocates assist in fully developing claims for the Social Security Administration and researching methods to overcoming roadblocks in the SSI/SSDI  process.

Claims Specialist

Claims Specialists review and research insurance claims to determine possible payment source(s). This position
ensures claims are submitted in timely fashion, processed accurately, and, if required, denied services are appealed appropriately.