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As soon as you submit your online application and resume, our recruiters immediately review your information. If your qualifications/experience are such that you are selected as a candidate, a member of our HR team will contact you to learn more about your background and answer questions about our hiring process and what it’s like to work at MedData. If you are not selected as a candidate, you will receive a follow up notification email.

If you are selected as a candidate, you can expect the following:

  • Phone interview: You’ve applied for the position and your skills fit the job. The phone interview assesses how well your experience/expertise may match to the relative group/functional areas related to the job to the level of determining whether you should be brought in for in-person interview. You should also feel comfortable taking this opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the company or the broader role that you have been selected to interview for.
  • In-person interview: If you are selected to meet for an in-person interview, you will be notified of the time, location and the person(s) you will be meeting with. Interviewers will ask you detailed questions related to your area of expertise, your experience, and share more details about the position and group you are interviewing for. Come prepared with any questions you have specific to the role, the hiring manager or anything else that you need further clarification on. You should approach this interview as an opportunity for you to interview MedData as much as it is our opportunity to interview you. The best fit is a perfect match both for the employee and the company.
  • Hire by committee: Some positions at MedData may require multiple interviewers, drawn from both management and potential colleagues. Everyone’s opinion counts, ensuring our hiring process is fair while maintaining high standards as we grow. Yes, it takes longer, but we believe it’s worth it. If you hire great people and involve them intensively in the hiring process, you’ll get more great people!

What happens next?

Following your interviews, we will decide if you are suitable for the job opening. We take hiring very seriously and like to make decisions based upon as much information as possible. To that end, it can take up to two weeks for us to make a definitive decision as to whether we’d like to have you join the team. Please be patient with us – your recruiter will keep in touch with you when feedback has been received and decisions made. Also feel free to get in touch with your recruiter at any time.