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The MedData Difference

Every employee at MedData makes a personal commitment to this shared set of core principles. Our Mission, Vision, & Values are a pledge to our clients, their patients, and each other that we will earn and uphold their trust in the best way we know how.


Make a difference in the lives of others.

We aspire to always be focused on making a difference – big or small – for everyone we come in contact with, whether we’re meeting a client, talking with a patient, or emailing our co-workers. To us, it’s more than just a corporate saying – it’s an essential part of the way we live our lives every day. 


MedData will be the leading champion for patients and their financial responsibilities by treating them with the same care as their doctor. 

We recognize that the patient experience isn’t just in the clinic, and in order to provide them with the best financial care, we must be more than the sum of our services. We want to ALWAYS provide patients with the same level of personal attention that their doctor provides.  


DELIGHT our clients, both internal and external. 

COMPASSION for all we serve. 

TEAMWORK to do the right thing every time. 

PASSION in everything we do!

We want to make a difference, and our values define how that will be accomplished. A sharp focus on creating delight, being compassionate, working as a team, and bringing passion to every action allows us to do our jobs in a way that leaves a memorable impact.