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How We Help Individuals Find Eligibility Programs in Healthcare

If you have been contacted by us, it’s because we want to offer our assistance. MedData partners with hundreds of hospitals across the United States to help financially stressed individuals find appropriate programs that will help with medical expenses. We are not a collector, and there is no cost to utilize our eligibility services.

Our Eligibility Services

You may have met one of our patient advocates at your bedside last time you were in the hospital. Or, perhaps we contacted you at home after you were discharged. Either way, our professional team has expertise in helping people enroll in county, state and federal eligibility healthcare programs – these include programs like Medicaid, Medicare, COBRA and Victims of Crime programs, among many others.

We have been able to find appropriate assistance for millions of patients through our work within the following eligibility programs:

Medicaid Eligibility Programs

  • Enrollment Assistance
  • In-State and Out-of-State Assistance
  • Long-Term Care Assistance
  • OB Pre-Registration Program
  • Medicaid Secondary

Disability Eligibility Programs

  • Application Assistance for SSI & SSDI
  • Representative at Hearing Level
  • Support at Appeals Council

Other Programs

  • Qualified Health Plan Enrollment
  • State and County Programs
  • COBRA Assistance
  • Victims of Crime Services
  • Indian Health Services

Our Sophisticated Technology

We have developed the healthcare industry’s most robust screening technology based on decades of experience. Our technology continuously runs an individual’s information through program databases to see if there may be a match. We will re-run the info over an appropriate period of time to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and we can refresh the information at any time if something changes with your situation.

Important Documents

Our process starts with gathering some information from you, but our help goes beyond that. We also help to complete applications, set up appointments with case workers, and make sure that your case is being worked through the appropriate channels in a timely manner.

It’s very helpful for individuals to provide the following documents as early as possible in the process, or let us know if we need to help with gathering them:

  • Verification of all household income for the past three months
  • Bank statements for the past three months
  • Copy of Social Security card, driver’s license or valid identification
  • Copy of birth certificate for each member of the household