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How Our Patient Injury Claims and Workers' Compensation Team Helps Individuals

Many individuals are not aware of the financial assistance available to them when medical expenses are incurred as the result of an accident or injury. We assist with locating the third liable parties and ensure accurate and timely payments. There is no cost to individuals for utilizing our patient accounts receivables (A/R) team.

Our Services

Our personal injury claims and workers’ compensation team can assist you through the entire process from the time you first seek medical attention to when your bills are resolved; we can answer any questions you have throughout the process, ensure you are treated fairly and receive any coverage to which you are entitled.

Even if you have health insurance, auto insurance or other coverage, MedData’s specialists can help patients navigate the complex billing processes, while working to avoid denied claims.

Important Documents

It’s very helpful for patients to provide our team with the following documents as early as possible in the process:

  • Name of your insurance carrier
  • Best phone number for reaching you
  • Phone number of the person you reported the injury to (insurance agent or adjuster)
  • Your policy or claim number
  • Contact number for your attorney, if you have retained one

Examples of Injuries

Did you know that injuries covered by a third party liability payer could include one of the following?

  • Accidents pertaining to automobiles
  • As a pedestrian or riding a bicycle
  • Slips and falls at business locations
  • Accidents pertaining to other modes of transportation – bus, plane or train