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MedData spans the gap between the identification of a payer and payment, while also increasing hospital revenue, mitigating denials, and avoiding bad debt.

We are often able to negotiate quick settlements within hospital parameters using our in-house legal support team, and help hospitals stay in compliance by coordinating timely efforts around provider agreements, Medicare, and Medicaid laws. Our proprietary claims editor technology allows us to increase payments and reduce first bill submission denials.

We help clients understand the root causes of denials so they can be avoided later.

We offer our clients A/R Services through our work in the following:

Accident Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation Billing & Denials
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Slips and Falls
  • Other Liability
  • Facility Enrollment & Billing Support
  • Physician Enrollment & Billing Support
Denials Management
  • Administrative & Technical Appeals
  • Clinical Appeals
  • Unresponsive Patient Denials
  • Aged Receivables
Case Study

This non-profit health system in Southern California was struggling with see low dollar recoveries from accident insurance payers, high volume of bad debt, and high dollar amounts on self pay accounts.

MedData provided Third Party Liability solutions that helped them realize new opportunities from first and third party payers, reduce denials on accident-related accounts, and ultimately lower bad debt.

MedData helped them:

  • Ensure hospital liens were enforced to secure payment.
  • Safeguard compliance and maximize the hospital’s recovery on many Medicare and other government-funded accounts.
  • Successfully minimize business office impact.
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