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Patient Financial Services

MedData OneTouch℠ does something
entirely unique in the marketplace

SIMPLIFY the complex

We identify all payer sources and the most appropriate coverage in the properly compliant order through a single touchpoint of payments for patients, whether they’re insured, under-insured, or uninsured. No other company offers a single platform that increases hospital revenue, patient satisfaction, and compliance while decreasing the number of vendor interactions. Our technology-enabled solution combined with our proven expertise enhances the patient financial experience so hospitals can focus on the clinical experience.

  • One vendor
  • One comprehensive solution
  • One consistent patient experience
  • One expedited and increased revenue stream
  • One single touchpoint for patients
OneTouch. Great Return.

Contact us to learn how your organization can increase revenue, improve patient satisfaction, reduce risk, and streamline your revenue cycle.

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Increasing cost savings and patient satisfaction

MedData OneTouch℠ specifically improves upon traditionally siloed services – such as Eligibility, Patient Responsibility, Workers’ Compensation, Denials, Disability, and Third Party Liability – and unites them into a single solution to help hospitals avoid chasing payment from many programs with many vendors and missing some revenue opportunities altogether. Due to our expertise in these individual areas, our clients realize a 10%-35% increase in actual revenue, even when using just one of these services. Combining our services into a single solution with MedData OneTouch℠ increases overall cost savings and patient satisfaction at the same time, as well as pays for the service fees.

Up to0%
additional lift our clients experience with MedData OneTouch℠
annual lift depending on client size
annual lift experienced by our clients nationwide

Complementary Services To Assist With Patient Financial Services

Our concurrent screening and advocacy help hospitals and the uninsured and appropriate programs to contribute to paying for care. Our technology-based, best-in-class inpatient and outpatient screening is automated for all 50 states and includes 24/7 ED coverage. We are HFMA peer reviewed, and no other vendor has our national presence and expertise.

We have a dedicated, U.S.-based call center focused on patient education and quality customer service to help create a better overall patient experience. We offer bill consolidation and 24/7 patient self-service, and we screen for all programs before ever attempting to collect from the patient. We typically see a 30% increase in collections over what clients were doing before, and we and new or different insurance information on 15%-20% of accounts that come to us.

We identify liability sources, mitigate payer denials, and protect insurance proceeds for accident accounts. Our scalable services have nationwide presence – on-site in the ED and in the eld – with consistent exposure to every state program and local laws. No local law firm can match our ability to put people in the field on a local level anywhere in the country.

Our method of converting unresponsive patient denials into paid claims is unique. We take a hands-on approach and use a combination of proprietary and subscription-based services to successfully locate, engage, and educate patients to resolve pending issues.

Our team is embedded on-site within operations, providing real-time feedback and updates on trends across all 50 states. Our proprietary billing and claim management technology has over 350 Medicaid payer profiles, and we custom tailor each implementation to maximize ROI.

We provide comprehensive collection and follow-up services on all accounts, including everything needed to transmit the bill and obtain reimbursement from the Veterans Administration for this unique patient population.

Is the patient at the center of your billing process?

Your patients' satisfaction is our #1 concern.

Testimonials from our Clients' Patients

“I have been in the industry over 30 years and MedData has the most efficient and comprehensive Medicaid Eligibility program I have ever dealt with.”

You do what you do very well. What makes you stand out is that you are more of a partner with us to help us be successful in our business.

The MedData staff is responsive to our patients needs and obviously to our needs as an organization, not only with our service & process. They are always right on top of issues. Very quick to respond and nip it.

Client Services are exceptional. They are responsive and available to meet our needs. They facilitate and coordinate our needs between the various MedData departments, communicate effectively and anticipate needs.

I think you are serving our self pay population well by enrolling them in presumptive or Medicaid coverage where they desperately need it.

Boost your bottom line.
Enhance operational workflows.
Create a better experience for your patients.