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Accounts Receivable Services (ARS)

Accounts Receivable Services (ARS) to Increase Your Cash Flow

MedData’s Accounts Receivable Services (ARS) span the gap between the identification of a payer and payment, while also reducing cost to collect, mitigating denials, and avoiding bad debt.

MedData ARS can take over portions of a hospital’s A/R – or the entire inventory – and work ALL types of accounts through to resolution in order to clear out the backlog, prevent avoidable denials, improve collections, and increase cash flow.

Our well-coordinated team of experienced accounts receivable representatives functions as an extension of internal hospital staff to proactively re-bill payers, appeal denials, correspond with payers, make direct contacts as necessary, conduct field visits, and follow up on all claims. We report on our activities and discoveries along the way to help hospitals and healthcare organizations identify the root causes of their aging A/R, improve their own performance, and reduce the need for future clean up.

Key Differentiators in MedData's Accounts Receivable Services

We handle any account regardless of origin – high/low dollar, re-billing, secondary/coordination of benefits, government payers, out-of-state Medicaid, accident accounts, Workers’ Comp, denials, etc.
We triage accounts to identify problems and then share that knowledge to help improve the hospital’s internal payment processes.
We exclusively use on-shore resources employed by MedData.
Our team has been performing ARS for a variety of client types and sizes for more than 10 years, allowing us to build expertise on claims processing.
Our technology platform manages all elements of the claims project and gives full transparency into account activity and status.
We can leverage any hospital-based billing system (Epic, Cerner, Artiva, Soarian, Meditech, Paragon, Star, Allscripts,Invision).
Regular legal oversight and monitoring of regulatory schemes for all payers ensures our programs and systems are always up to date.
We are Service Organization Controls (SOC1 Type II and SOC2 Type II) certified to ensure we protect our clients’ data.

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Complete Solutions for Specific A/R Follow Up Needs

We are a trusted healthcare accounts receivable partner providing end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions for hospitals and physicians across all payer types. Because of our range of capabilities, we are able to handle any circumstances – small balance insurance follow-up, project-specific/work down of aged A/R, legacy receivable conversions, and more. We can work:

  • All ranges of accounts and amounts at an agreed-upon frequency.
  • Aged and aging A/R while internal resources focus on new inventory.
  • Legacy A/R during a transition to a new EHR/HIS system.
  • Entire A/R inventory as an extended business office.

An Integrated Service Line Approach for Healthcare Organizations

Our ARS is an integral part of MedData OneTouch® – an integrated service line approach that specifically improves upon operational centers and unites them into a single solution. This platform identifies all payer sources and the most appropriate coverage in the properly compliant order through a single touch-point for patients, whether they’re insured, under-insured, or uninsured.

What Our Clients Say

“I have been in the industry over 30 years and MedData has the most efficient and comprehensive Medicaid Eligibility program I have ever dealt with.”

You do what you do very well. What makes you stand out is that you are more of a partner with us to help us be successful in our business.

The MedData staff is responsive to our patients needs and obviously to our needs as an organization, not only with our service & process. They are always right on top of issues. Very quick to respond and nip it.

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Repair your bottom line.
Discover new revenue streams.
You deserve more from your revenue cycle.

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