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Get out of the payment slow lane and get on the FastTrack to reimbursement.

Learn how easy it is to speed up reimbursement and keep your monthly cash flow in high gear. Download this white paper to learn how your practice can reduce AR days and increase collections by up to 30%.

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Innovative Revenue Cycle Management
Services for Physician Groups

MedData FastTrack is the fastest, easiest way to reach your payment destination through a direct route with a single vendor. It combines fast, streamlined coding & billing with dedicated, integrated patient balance services in a unique way to deliver the most comprehensive solution in the industry.

You get paid MORE MONEY, MUCH FASTER than the same, old way you’ve always gone – no more delays, no more dead ends. Your patients will appreciate the financial care we provide. And you’ll enjoy how easy it is to speed up reimbursement and keep your monthly cash flow in high gear with the fastest RCM process in the industry.


TRADITIONAL Coding & Billing

Full of potential delays and dead ends, the road to reimbursement relies upon a complex combination of in-house and outsourced processes, resulting in slower, smaller, and missing payments.


  • Incomplete documentation after visits
  • Antiquated, inaccurate coding
  • Manual physician enrollment
  • Dependence on multiple, unreliable vendors
  • Payer denials and resubmissions
  • Separate/compartmentalized patient responsibility process

How We're BETTER

Our comprehensive revenue cycle management solution, MedData FastTrack, dramatically shortens the cycle from visit/encounter to reimbursement, increases adjudication of total charges, all while maintaining total compliance integrity.

MedData FastTrack»

  • Seamless interface with all EHR systems
  • Advanced documentation translation
  • Specialty-specific, computer-assisted coding
  • Streamlined physician enrollment
  • Elite clean claim status & reporting
  • Dedicated patient balance services from Day 1, fully integrated with the entire revenue cycle process

Integrated, concurrent processes

not separately, one after another – to significantly increase how quickly you get paid.

  • Ensures comprehensive data integrity
  • Cash flows are more steady and dependable

Average time to bill drop 10%-20% faster

  • Bills drop within 24 hours from the time a chart is coded
  • Claims and statements dropped on a daily basis

Fully integrated patient self-pay solution Day 1

  • Up to 30% increase in patient collections
  • 15 – 20% increase in found insurance
  • 90% of patient balances resolved on first call
years in business
IMPROVEMENT adjudication on insured accounts
FASTER to payment
increase in patient reimbursements
SOC2 Type II Certification for Coding & Billing

MedData has SOC1 Type II and SOC2 Type II certification for Coding and Billing and SOC1 Type II for Patient Responsibility services.

Organizations that have achieved Service Organization Controls (SOC) certification have been audited by an independent certified public accountant who has determined the firm has the appropriate safeguards, policies, and procedures in place to satisfactorily protect the client’s data. That means when you partner with MedData, you can rest easy that your sensitive data is alway secure.

To learn more about SOC certification, please visit the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) website .