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More Effective Healthcare Early Out Services

MedData connects and engages with patients throughout the entire patient financial life-cycle – making sure they understand their bills, informing them of payment options, and helping them navigate any insurance issues. We then consolidate all their bills to eliminate any confusion. Our distinctive patient-focused solution for balance after insurance, uninsured, and under-insured services incorporates innovative technology and resources to improve your cash flow and decrease write offs, all while creating better healthcare early out services for patients.

Unique Patient-Focused Approach
Dedicated US-based call center
First call resolution
Multi-channel, high-touch patient communications
24/7 access
Patient satisfaction surveys
Consolidation of bills
Proprietary patient scoring & segmentation
Daily detailed reporting
The patient is now the #3 payer behind Medicare and Medicaid.

Patient responsibility is expected to climb to 50% of every healthcare dollar by 2020. Getting reimbursed for the patient pay segment could be the most important number to your bottom line.

When your patients come first, results follow.
reduction in uncompensated care
increase in patient reimbursement
increase in found insurance

Actual quotes from our Clients’ patients.

He helped resolve an issue with my insurance coverage and called me back like he promised. He was very nice, patient, and kept his promises by following up and fixing my issues.

Your patient service representatives did an incredible job in resolving my account concerns. They were wonderful and very helpful!

Even though this has been a very frustrating time, you have been extremely helpful. I had been going back and forth with insurance and just when I thought I was getting nowhere your team assisted in the best manner and was able to solve the issue at hand!

Cut costs.
Repair your bottom line.
Discover new revenue streams.
You deserve more from your revenue cycle.

Learn how you can create a better experience for your patients
and boost your bottom line.