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Positive Patient Experience & Better Collection Rate for ‘Self-Pay’

We connect and engage with patients throughout the entire patient financial life cycle, treating them with dignity and respect, and providing opportunity for dialogue all along the way. We help them understand the post-clinical process by providing education on their statement, their balance, and their insurance options.

Our proprietary and differentiated U.S.-based patient service center proactively connects with patients after care, making it simple, fast, and easy for them to pay with many different means to resolve their bills and a variety of convenient methods to get involved – phone calls, texting, self-service, payment portal – and we’re there if they do need help.

Our first-call resolution philosophy resolves any insurance questions, identifies primary or secondary insurance, sets up payment plans, and ultimately helps clients secure payment for balances that are initially determined to be “self-pay.”

Key Differentiators

We screen for ALL other payer programs – Eligibility, Third Party Liability, Workers’ Comp, and more.
We consolidate bills and provide an intuitive statement to eliminate confusion and make it easy to understand what is owed.
Our propensity to pay tool identifies patients where additional communication and education can help resolve accounts sooner.
We have hundreds of Patient Service Representatives in our U.S.-based call center, including bilingual staff and translation support for multiple languages.
First statements can be texted directly to patients’ smartphones via our technology.
Our online payment portal consolidates all payments and balances into an easy- to-read dashboard.
Providers can view all accounts associated with a guarantor, receive documentation, and accept payments in real time through our technology.

Commitment to First Call Resolution

>90% First Call Resolution

We have a First Call Resolution rate that consistently exceeds 90%. The first time we speak with a patient, we do whatever we can to solve their issue right then. That could mean taking payment in full, setting up a payment arrangement, or calling an insurance company together to help walk the patient through what’s taken place.

An Integrated Service Line Approach

Our Patient Responsibility services are designed to work better together as part of MedData OneTouch℠ – an integrated service line approach that specifically improves upon operational centers and unites them into a single solution. This platform identifies all payer sources and the most appropriate coverage in the properly compliant order through a single touch-point for patients, whether they’re insured, under-insured, or uninsured.

What Our Clients Say

“I have been in the industry over 30 years and MedData has the most efficient and comprehensive Medicaid Eligibility program I have ever dealt with.”

You do what you do very well. What makes you stand out is that you are more of a partner with us to help us be successful in our business.

The MedData staff is responsive to our patients needs and obviously to our needs as an organization, not only with our service & process. They are always right on top of issues. Very quick to respond and nip it.

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Repair your bottom line.
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