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Healthcare Eligibility Services

Our patient-focused healthcare eligibility services find appropriate assistance to help pay medical bills, and in fewer days than other providers. Every step of our process is designed to meet the needs of hospitals working to manage their revenue cycles while maintaining the service levels their patients expect.

Patients at more than 650 hospital locations have gained access to assistance through our work.

Our approach to eligibility and enrollment focuses on the patient first. Our innovative screening process begins at the patient’s bedside with the utilization of customized tablets to capture information quickly and easily. Every step is designed to focus on the patient, while effectively increasing the number of patients that can be screened per day. Patients who cannot be screened in the hospital are quickly followed up with by our extensive network of seasoned field advocates. They not only assist with application materials, but they ensure appointments are kept and transportation needs are met.

Our people are exceptional, and our technology has been built with decades of their knowledge in the industry. Our sophisticated software platform helps our advocates quickly screen for all potential federal, state, county and community programs, and patient files continue to be rescreened in real time until a final diagnosis is reached. This is especially helpful for organizations wanting to provide evidence of due diligence as it relates to identifying the most appropriate coverage for their patients.

We have been able to find appropriate assistance for millions of patients through our work within the following:

Medicaid Eligibility
  • Enrollment Assistance
  • In-State and Out-of-State Assistance
  • Long-Term Care Assistance
  • OB Pre-Registration Program
  • Medicaid Secondary
Other Programs
  • Qualified Health Plan Enrollment
  • State and County Programs
  • COBRA Assistance
  • Victims of Crime Services
  • Indian Health Services
Disability Eligibility
  • Application Assistance for SSI & SSDI
  • Representative at Hearing Level
  • Support at Appeals Council
Disability Advocacy

MedData’s Disability Advocacy increases revenue recovery, eliminates costs, and facilitates community outreach for hospitals by assisting their disabled populations with Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

Our successful conversions provide ongoing benefits to hospitals through more Medicare-eligible patients and expanded long-term care options. Our work can increase Medicaid reimbursement and DSH percentages, while helping clients comply with the Affordable Care Act’s most appropriate coverage requirements.

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Experienced Advocacy

Our healthcare eligibility services are proven to be comprehensive and effective in converting disabled patients to either SSI or SSDI because we have the legal, technical and clinical expertise needed to identify and pursue cases on behalf of our clients and the patients we serve together.

Enrollment to Hearing Support

We help individuals navigate the complexities of applying for disability benefits, but our work doesn’t stop there. We also represent individuals at all stages of the process, up to and including the hearing level.

501R Compliant

Our single technology platform, MPower, is extremely beneficial to assisting our clients with 501R compliance because information gathered for disability benefits enrollment can also be scanned for eligibility of other county, state, and federal programs.

Did you know?

Millions of newborns are eligible under Medicaid, CHIP, and other types of insurance. In fact, Medicaid plays a key role in nearly half of all births in the United States. Is your organization taking advantage?

MedData’s onsite eligibility & enrollment experts can help you navigate the complex, and constantly evolving, federal and state regulatory environments to save you time and money.

Our patient-focused healthcare eligibility solutions reduce the burden on your staff and improve service levels, dramatically cutting revenue cycle time from referral to remittance. Ultimately this improves patient satisfaction and boosts your bottom line.

Cut costs.
Repair your bottom line.
Discover new revenue streams.
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Learn how you can create a better experience for your patients
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