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MedData Introduces Patient Satisfaction Assessment Services

Physician-focused Patient Satisfaction Assessment Services Provide Nearly Immediate Perception of Care Feedback

Brecksville, Ohio … MedData, a leading provider of revenue cycle management services, recently introduced comprehensive patient satisfaction assessment services for the healthcare industry.

The specialty-neutral patient satisfaction assessment services include a fast implementation process, immediate ramp-up to full scale, and detailed, next-day survey reporting. MedData’s services, available via their MedDirect brand, bolster the company’s additional innovative outreach support services for uninsured balances, further supporting their “patient-first” philosophy across the company’s suite of services.

Before patients receive a bill, MedData’s patient satisfaction survey is initiated, connecting with them immediately after care through personalized, multi-channel communications. MedData’s dedicated outreach center provides nearly immediate perception of care feedback and can help identify potential patient problems before they escalate, all with a high connection success rate. All patient satisfaction surveys and communications are fully customizable, empowering physicians with actionable, defendable data. The technology and hands-on process includes patient feedback loops to both the physician and their broader billing service that help refine existing processes.

“MedData’s services bolster more meaningful relationships with patients and contribute to physicians’ long-term financial viability,” explained Doug Thompson, MedData’s chief executive officer. “Physicians are struggling to connect the dots between clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. The goal is faster reimbursements, less confusion and more satisfied patients who in turn are eager to refer family and friends.”

About MedData

Brecksville, Ohio-based MedData is one of the nation’s leading providers of a range of medical revenue cycle management services including, among others, billing, coding, collections and patient satisfaction. For more than three decades, the Company has been providing innovative billing solutions to the medical community. Annually, MedData serves millions of patients across various medical specialties. MedData currently provides services to more than 3,000 physicians at 700 facilities across 40 states from its headquarters as well as offices in Grand Rapids, Mich., Roseville, Calif., Bellevue, Wash. and Peoria, Ill.  For more information, please visit

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