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MedData Completes Sixty-Second Implementation in 2012 of its Patient Pay Solution: MedData Plus

Proprietary and Proven Solution Combined with Enhanced Implementation Technology and a Dedicated Call Center Benefits a Million Patients in 2012

Grand Rapids, Michigan …  MedData, a leading provider of revenue cycle management and patient satisfaction services, recently completed the sixty-second client implementation in 2012 of its proprietary patient pay solution, MedData Plus.

In May of 2012 MedData announced that its patient services company, which provides revenue cycle management services and advanced personalized patient communications to healthcare organizations, was adding 300 new jobs, a move that quickly positioned the company to handle the well over one million new patient calls projected in 2012 alone. This investment, combined with a proprietary patient pay offering that averages 15% found insurance and a 30% increase in patient pay reimbursement and includes streamlined implementation connectivity technology, has empowered the company to successfully deliver and implement MedData Plus to every client that has requested it.

Before uninsured patients receive a bill, MedData Plus connects with them immediately after care through personalized, multi-channel communications. The solution utilizes proven patient segmentation and outreach strategies that educate, engage and communicate with patients in a way that drives results. The technology and hands-on process includes patient satisfaction services and feedback loops to both the client and the billing service that help refine existing processes.

“We knew as soon as we launched MedData Plus that the reception would be terrific,” explained Doug Thompson, MedData’s chief executive officer. “How often can a company introduce a product to their clients that instantly boosts their revenue without disrupting billing processes, does not change the way physicians see their patients, and promotes better patient satisfaction? Across our sixty-two client implementations in 2012, MedData Plus projects to recover nearly twenty-five percent of the initial net patient pay placements. In a category in which the industry typically recovers 5-10%, MedData Plus has already become essential.”

About MedData

Brecksville, Ohio-based MedData is one of the nation’s leading providers of a range of medical revenue cycle management services including, among others, billing, coding, collections and patient satisfaction. For more than three decades, the Company has been providing innovative billing solutions to the medical community. Annually, MedData serves millions of patients across various medical specialties. MedData currently provides services to more than 3,000 physicians at 700 facilities across 40 states from its headquarters as well as offices in Grand Rapids, Mich., Roseville, Calif., Bellevue, Wash. and Peoria, Ill.  For more information, please visit

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