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Duet Health Introduces Patient Engagement Platform For Binge Watching Illness

Duet Health Introduces Patient Engagement Platform For Binge Watching Illness

Brecksville, Ohio (April 1, 2017) – Duet Health, a MedData Company, today announced the launch of Vertical Hold, a new mobile app to help physicians better engage patients in the care and treatment of their personal binge watching habits.

The ubiquity of video streaming has given new meaning to the phrase “turn on, tune in, drop out” – and a new set of health concerns has come with it. Binge watching – or as it’s also known, marathon viewing, extreme streaming, and the new normal – can result in serious cases of BWI (Binge Watching Illness). And the emerging nature of this condition has put stress on many health care systems.

“The first three seasons of ‘Arrested Development’ are being taken off Netflix on April 1, so this is a critical time,” remarked Dr. Donald Westphall, Director of Medicine at St. Eligius Hospital. “Without Vertical Hold, we’d normally be anticipating a busy weekend of waiting rooms packed to the gills with patients and their families straining to catch just a glimpse of Falcon Crest reruns while they await treatment. With this new platform, we can be ready to prescribe a VHS cassette of Joanie Loves Chachi, which is sure to turn them off ever wanting to watch TV again, or at the very least, confuse them.”

Vertical Hold’s powerful professional dashboard includes a consecutive episode counter and overall viewing time tracker so physicians can know how exactly long their patients have been watching and what programs they are binging. This empowers doctors to have a treatment in mind before their patient ever sets foot in the office. The patient side of Duet’s new app includes such viewer-friendly features as a social media scanner that blocks out friends who are talking about a favorite show and a daily diary to track the episode where they finally dozed off.

Patients wondering whether Vertical Hold might be right for them should review this list of binge watching-related illness warning signs:

  • Fatigue: Hours-long exposure to video streaming entertainment can drain the viewer’s will to do anything other than push “play,” and occasionally seek snacks.
  • Impatience: Immediate access to entire seasons’ worth of TV shows can create irrational expectations for handling some aspects of normal society, such as waiting in line at the grocery or driving in rush hour traffic.
  • Spoiler-ism: Consuming an entire story arc – plot twists and all – in one marathon session can heighten the urge to ruin all surprises.

Friends of binge watchers are also at risk. Like smoking, the adverse effects of binge watching extend beyond those who are directly afflicted.

Chris Farrell, vice president of marketing at MedData, has personal experience with secondhand binge watching. “I’m not even halfway through Season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and people have already have spoiled the whole Glenn thing. Not cool!” Farrell said.

Vertical Hold is currently available for free in the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play.

About Duet Health

Duet Health, a MedData Company, creates healthcare software solutions that help doctors’ educate, monitor and influence patient behavior while enabling patients to take a more active role in their care. The result: greater efficiency increases, ease of care delivery, and better health outcomes. Founded in 2009, Duet Health’s clients include OhioHealth, Cardinal Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Autism Speaks, Medicaid, and the CDC. For more information visit the Duet Health website.

About MedData

MedData, a MEDNAX (NYSE: MD) company, is a technology-enabled services organization that improves financial outcomes for hospitals by enhancing the patient experience and expanding their access to healthcare. The MedData managed services program includes a range of patient access and communications, revenue cycle management, and consulting and analytics solutions for healthcare systems, including billing, coding, patient balances, eligibility and enrollment, third party liability, and mobile apps.

For more than 36 years, the company has been providing innovative solutions to the medical community and serving millions of patients across numerous medical specialties. MedData currently serves more than 5,000 physicians at a growing network of 2,000+ facilities nationwide from its headquarters in Brecksville, Ohio and more than 20 regional offices across the U.S. To learn more about MedData’s patient-focused solutions platform, please visit the MedData website.

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