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MedData’s Intranet Wins Innovation Award

Brecksville, OH (Aug. 6, 2018) – MedData’s intranet, Pulse, was recently honored by software provider ThoughtFarmer for the innovative and engaging way it informs and connects employees throughout the entire company.

Pulse was picked as the best among three finalists in the Innovation category of ThoughtFarmer’s annual Best Intranet Awards in large part because of the unique ways employees at every level of the company have found to incorporate Pulse into many aspects of their daily workflow.

Pulse_innovation_awardThe Innovation category recognized extraordinary intranets that push the boundaries; for example, a unique integration, using a feature in an interesting way, or doing something outside the intranet box.

ThoughtFarmer praised Pulse in a webinar announcing the award winners: “Innovation is highly valued at MedData and woven into everything they do. … They really think out of the box and make sure that their intranet is really fun and engaging and really resonating with their staff.”

ThoughtFarmer also specifically highlighted MedData’s custom-designed Pulse Gamification Badges, earned when employees reach particular benchmarks such as “25th page created,” and its personalized Sales Collateral Portal, which allows Sales and Client Services team members to customize marketing materials for individual clients.

ThoughtFarmer’s entire webinar is included below. The segment on the Innovation Award begins at the 17:05 mark.

“With over three-quarters of MedData’s 2,200 employees working remotely nationwide, getting people connected and engaged requires a world-class platform, passionate project owners, and innovative strategies,” said Chris Farrell, MedData’s senior vice president of marketing. “Pulse’s success is a testament to every team member’s commitment to create a true community, and that teamwork directly reflects in our ability to delight our clients and patients alike, every day.”

MedData launched Pulse in September 2016 and it has since become an indispensable tool for communication, collaboration, resource sharing, and support. Employees can go to Pulse to learn how MedData is performing financially, to find opportunities for advancement, to access companywide calendars, to review their benefits, and to engage leadership with questions and ideas. Pulse also emphasizes having fun at work, with plenty of places where teammates can share photos, join a book club, post “shout outs,” and browse items on the employee store.

About MedData

MedData, a MEDNAX (NYSE: MD) company, is a leading provider of technology-enabled management services for hospitals and health systems that serve the entire patient financial lifecycle from pre-visit through post-discharge while improving the patient experience and helping them engage better with their providers. For four decades, the company has been providing innovative solutions to the medical community and serving hundreds of millions of patients across numerous medical specialties. MedData currently serves more than 10,000 physicians at a growing network of 3,000+ facilities nationwide from its headquarters in Brecksville, Ohio, and more than 20 regional offices across the U.S. To learn more about MedData’s patient-focused solutions platform, please visit the MedData website.