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MedData’s Results: Providing Breakthrough Healthcare Studies and Reducing Financial Burdens For Patients

For four decades, MedData has served the healthcare community by helping patients consolidate their medical bills and providing hospitals with trusted technology solutions.

We know how complicated today’s healthcare environment can be and are proud of our results from the work we do to help health systems provide more options and better care for patients.


Case Studies & White Papers

MedData’s team is staffed with industry leaders who are happy to share their expertise with you. The healthcare landscape is always evolving, which is why we dedicate time to researching the latest trends and developments and presenting our findings in ways that are engaging and easy to understand.

Our case studies, white papers, and research provide the latest insight on best practices for billing, coding, and patient reimbursement.

Visit our case studies and white papers page to learn how we’ve helped clients improve performance, accelerate the time to reimbursement, and get results to make their revenue cycle patient-focused.


MedData has helped individuals and their families gain access to healthcare and reduce the financial burden of medical bills. We’ve assisted millions of patients every step of the way—from when you first receive medical care to when your bills are resolved—at no cost. 

Every day our clients’ patients call us back to thank us for the wonderful billing experience they received from our highly dedicated team. Read testimonials to see results and hear what they have to say.