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Integrated Revenue Cycle Services for Hospitals and Health Systems

MedData delivers a full complement of technology-enabled and patient-focused revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. Our revenue cycle services are designed to help hospitals, healthcare organizations, physician practices, and health systems of all types better manage challenges presented by persistent increases in the financial burden placed on patients and in the level of complexity of the revenue cycle. MedData helps hospitals increase cash flow by managing denied claims and collecting payments by finding patient payment options.

We have been honing our RCM craft for more than 40 years, which has led to continual improvement evident in our performance. Our long history has given us a deep, empirical understanding of the healthcare industry and how to adapt to the volatility of federal, state, and regional healthcare laws and programs.

Our breadth of expertise across the entire healthcare continuum combined with our nationwide resources has endowed us with the versatility needed to help our clients ensure they are quickly reimbursed, and all of their patients have access to the best financial care.

Revenue Cycle Services MedData Provides

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Customer Service that Delights

Superior customer service can help elevate any business relationship into a true partnership. One of our core values at MedData is to “Delight our Clients.” We strive to exceed client expectations for quality, delivery, price, and performance with our revenue cycle services. In doing so, we will deliver an unexpected and continuous stream of additional value that transcends typical client satisfaction standards and leaves a lasting impression of our dedication to client delight.

An Integrated Revenue Cycle Service Line Approach

MedData’s diverse and complementary services are designed to work better together as part of MedData OneTouch® – an integrated revenue cycle service line approach that specifically improves upon operational centers and unites them into a single solution. This platform identifies all payer sources and the most appropriate coverage in the properly compliant order through a single touch-point for patients, whether they’re insured, under-insured, or uninsured.

Eligibility & Disability

Screening and advocacy designed to find maximum coverage from more than 2,000 state, federal, and local programs for all patients.

Patient Responsibility/Early Out

Dedicated U.S.-based call center focused on patient education and first-call resolution to increase collections and speed up claims processing.

Injury Accounts & Workers’ Compensation

Expert billing & legal teams resolve all claim denials in their entirety to mitigate compliance and revenue risks for Workers’ Comp and Liability (Auto) accounts.

Accounts Receivable Services (ARS)

Full-service, outsourced accounts receivable billing and follow-up, including all balances and project work.

Out-of-State Eligibility

20+ years of legal oversight experience in all 50 states and 350+ Medicaid payer profiles.

COB Denials

Focused engagement process for claim denials requiring the patient’s and/or subscriber’s involvement in order to secure resolution.

Veterans Administration

Deep understanding of VA billing, appeals, aging, high dollar, etc., and personal connections to VISNs nationwide.

MedData’s Revenue Cycle Services During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

MedData is continuing to adapt to the ongoing changes in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s important to partner with a trusted, tenured revenue  cycle management company. We have quickly adapted to ensure we can continue to fulfill our commitment to our clients’ patients with optimal performance standards for as long as it takes, while the world resists, repels, and recovers from the virus outbreak’s disruption.

The worldwide economic disruption caused by the coronavirus is a significant challenge that requires innovative solutions. At the same time, pre-COVID-19 hurdles, such as the increasing financial burden placed on patients, growing revenue cycle complexity and the volatility of healthcare legislation, continue to persist. Taken together, these dynamics can be overwhelming for healthcare organizations to manage on their own. At MedData, we help our partners successfully navigate these issues and simplify revenue cycle operations. For 40 years, we’ve honed our expertise, providing a broad spectrum of RCM services to hospitals of all types nationwide, delivering genuine patient advocacy with a local feel no matter where we are.

To learn more about our response to the pandemic, view COVID-19 resources.

What Our Clients Say

93% of clients would recommend to a colleague

71% of clients believe it exceeded their expectations

86% say it’s easy to use

93% believe it represents a good value for the cost

“I have been in the industry over 30 years and MedData has the most efficient and comprehensive Medicaid Eligibility program I have ever dealt with.”

You do what you do very well. What makes you stand out is that you are more of a partner with us to help us be successful in our business.

The MedData staff is responsive to our patients needs and obviously to our needs as an organization, not only with our service & process. They are always right on top of issues. Very quick to respond and nip it.

Client Services are exceptional. They are responsive and available to meet our needs. They facilitate and coordinate our needs between the various MedData departments, communicate effectively and anticipate needs.

I think you are serving our self pay population well by enrolling them in presumptive or Medicaid coverage where they desperately need it.

Boost your bottom line.
Enhance operational workflows.
Create a better experience for your patients.