Proven results. Established protocols that work.

As a leader across the U.S., we’ve designed our business processes to be scalable. We’ve earned our place as an industry leader through proven results and established protocols that work – delivering 95-98% collection efficiency on insured accounts compared the industry average of 85-89%.

  • Professional Fee and Facility expertise
  • Auditing safeguards with the highest compliance standards
  • Fast and experienced provider enrollment services
  • Focused audit requests to quickly identify trends and increase cash flow
  • Managed care credentialing and contract services
  • Payment posting, revenue reconciliation, and refund processing
  • On-demand, standard, and custom reporting

Industry Leading Collection Efficiency

MedData works accounts longer and harder, rather than simply transferring them to a collection agency in order to present a falsely deflated days-in-receivable metric. Our standard A/R process includes a three-statement cycle, outbound calling, our online patient portal to update information and pay balances, and many more hands-on tactics.

We have invested in exhaustive, in-depth guidelines and protocols designed to minimize the subjectivity in code selection. This 300-page manual is divided into 27 sections and is continually reviewed and updated as CMS, CPT, and other national standards are modified and/or changed. This is a critically important differentiator because of the way reimbursement is structured – billing higher levels of service results in higher reimbursement in almost every instance.

200 million patients served with a proven compliance record.

10% higher proven adjudication on insured accounts than industry average.

3x the number of billing & A/R resources as the competition

Cut costs.
Repair your bottom line.
Discover new revenue streams.
You deserve more from your revenue cycle.

Learn how you can create a better experience for your patients
and boost your bottom line.