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Under Emily’s leadership, MedData has grown into the largest provider of hospital revenue cycle solutions for the uninsured and underinsured patient. She has been responsible for developing our Government and Charity Programs from its roots in Medicaid Eligibility into today’s full service solution that evaluates patient eligibility for all available Federal, State, County and Charity. She also conceived and developed our Complex Claims Programs, which has grown to include Appeals and Denials, Out-of-State Medicaid, Third Party Liability and Worker’s Comp services.

Emily has a passion for quality – she believes that every patient deserves our best efforts as we advocate on their behalf, and that only diligent and comprehensive efforts to eliminate errors, streamline processes and accelerate outcomes will enable us to reach that standard. As a result, MedData has a real-time quality assurance and audit program that is already the best in the industry, and keeps on getting better.

Emily has worked at MedData for over 20 years, accumulating an unparalleled depth of operating experience as she progressed from Patient Advocate to Chief Operations Officer to President, and deploys everything she has learned in the service of every hospital and every patient we serve, every day.

Emily holds a BA in Sociology from Brigham Young University.