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Patients Love Us! Read MedData Testimonials From Those We’ve Served

Every day our clients’ patients proactively call us to thank us and compliment our patient services representatives for surpassing expectations and helping them understand what they owe, why they owe it, and how to pay it.

Read the testimonials below to learn how our team goes out of their way to help patients. If you’re interested in learning how MedData can help you consolidate your medical bills, contact us today.

He helped resolve an issue with my insurance coverage and called me back like he promised. He was very nice, patient, and kept his promises by following up and fixing my issues.

Your patient service representatives did an incredible job in resolving my account concerns. They were wonderful and very helpful!

Even though this has been a very frustrating time, you have been extremely helpful. I had been going back and forth with insurance and just when I thought I was getting nowhere your team assisted in the best manner and was able to solve the issue at hand!

I was having an issue with getting my secondary insurance billed and I was thrilled with how she went the extra mile to get what I needed.

What a great example of how service representatives should handle patients! He was so kind and thoughtful.

She was very sweet, friendly, and knew how to explain confusing insurance responses. I’ve never had such great customer service.

She was the kindest person I have ever talked to and she really made my whole day. I was so pleased by the end of the call I could have cried of happiness.

He was wonderful! He made me feel better about my situation and helped me out tremendously.

She helped me resolve my issues with insurance. She recognized my situation was complicated and her patience and willingness to resolve my account made the difference.

I want to thank your call center as a whole! Every single rep that I’ve dealt with has been kind, friendly, and patient with me and my family’s needs during a difficult time.

She took the time to help me resolve my account and figure a payment plan that would best suit my needs.

I’m going through a very hard time and she really cared – she was very patient, listened very well, and made me feel very comfortable.

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