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Click Here Workers' Comp Service Helps Provider Collect Millions, Drastically Reduces A/R Days CASE STUDY Click Here Self-Pay Solution Helps 400-bed Hospital Improve Collection Rate by 23% in Just 5 Months CASE STUDY Click Here Improve Patient Financial Advocacy Now & into the Future WHITEPAPER Click Here Revenue Sustainability in Newborn Eligibility WHITEPAPER Click Here Regional Multi-Site Hospital Group Collects $7 Million in TPL Revenue CASE STUDY

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It can be difficult to keep up with the changes in healthcare and understand the hospital revenue cycle, which is why MedData offers research in an easy-to-understand resources.
Explore our tips and strategies on how to better engage patients.

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Improve Patient Financial Advocacy Now & into the Future

COVID 19 has made health system revenue cycle directors re-evaluate their self-pay operations from the inside out. Learn how creating a consumer-focused culture, one that emphasizes patient satisfaction and still persistently pursues collections, can streamline your revenue cycle process and ensure fast, full reimbursement.

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Patient Outreach That Goes Far Beyond The Hospital Bedside

Self-pay patients applying for resources to help cover their bills don’t always complete the process before discharge from the hospital – limiting reimbursement for hospitals. Field advocacy offers extended outreach to help patients find assistance  – and, in turn, increase hospital revenue.

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Revenue Sustainability In Newborn Eligibility

Historically, health systems have focused their financial advocacy efforts on self-pay mothers, but the rising premium and high dollar deductibles costs for the commercially insured indicate efforts should cross all payer types. Learn why developing a strong newborn eligibility process is an important opportunity not to be overlooked by your organization.

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Indian Health Service Can Be A Complex But Rewarding Payer

The Indian Health Service provides a comprehensive health service delivery system to help tribal populations. IHS reimbursement options are often overlooked because of its intricate bureaucracy and complexly layered involvement with hundreds of tribes, public and private organizations, and state and federal agencies – but is a payer that should not be ignored.

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Featured Case Studies

Find out how other organizations leverage MedData’s expertise to improve the patient experience and boost their bottom line.


Regional Multi-Site Hospital Group Collects $7 Million in TPL Revenue

This case study shows how we helped a multi-site hospital group collect an additional $7 million through its Third Party Liability program in one year after bringing in MedData. This nice jump in revenue was attributed to bringing in our highly trained and experienced staff who specialize in identifying accident accounts and responsible payors.

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Eligibility Safety Net Delivers Nearly $6 Million in Additional Annual Collections

This case study shows how we helped a Utah-based, nonprofit healthcare system evaluate strategies to better manage its level of uncompensated care – a category that has seen costs steadily rise across the industry for nearly two decades.

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Self Pay Solution Helps 400-bed hospital improve its collection rate by 23% in just 5 months

This case study shows how we helped a New York hospital overcome its self-pay challenges thanks to a more straightforward statement and helpful approach to engaging the self-pay patient.

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Partnering on VA Accounts Helps Hospital System Boost Collections by $1 Million in 5 Months

This case study shows how we helped a multi-hospital system improve the performance for its Veterans Affairs patient inventory (VA). MedData’s VA Notification and Billing program devoted a highly trained, experienced staff who understood the requirements and nuances of the VA program.

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