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Revenue Cycle Management Solutions From A Company with National Reach and Local Expertise

MedData is a tenured and trusted national provider of revenue cycle management solutions designed to engage patients, empower physicians and hospitals, and improve financial outcomes throughout the entire healthcare continuum.

Today’s healthcare environment is highly fragmented with hospitals and health systems juggling countless vendors while seeking to consolidate those services to their proven partners. As healthcare consumers, patients have more choices than ever but want a simple, transparent path to better care. The only constant is change.

As a trusted partner to more than 10,000 physicians at over 3,000 hospitals nationwide, MedData continues to lead the way with a unified solution of managed service technologies that helps you adapt and be better-positioned for long-term success.

We have four decades of proven results; our RCM solutions increase cash flows and higher patient satisfaction scores for our clients. We look forward to serving you and your patients with the same level of commitment.

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Comprehensive Reporting

MedData’s revenue cycle management solutions include comprehensive reporting that makes it easier for organizations to prepare for payer negotiations and monitor cash flow.

No organization empowers you more than MedData when it comes to reporting. Employing enhanced security features, our cloud-based portals provide easy access to detailed operational, financial, productivity, and clinical information occurring within your organization. This empowers you to pro-actively manage real issues, such as monitoring cash flow and payroll, managing productivity-based compensation, and preparing for payer negotiations.

Dedicated to Service

By offering three times more billing collection resources than its competition, MedData’s revenue cycle management solutions are dedicated to service.

Our clients consistently tell us that our client service teams are invaluable to their success. MedData employs more dedicated client service managers and three times more billing and collection resources and technologies than the competition.

Patient Advocacy

MedData’s revenue cycle management solutions work to reduce the financial burden that medical bills have on patients.

We work tirelessly to reduce the financial burden that medical bills have on patients and on the healthcare providers who serve them. Our work makes a positive difference to thousands of people and hundreds of hospitals and clinics in communities across the nation.

Innovative Technology

MedData’s revenue cycle management tools are built at the patient level, which makes it easier for patients to take control of their care.

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art coding platform, account management systems, and patient portals have all been built internally at the patient level rather than the insurance level, which optimizes visibility, accessibility and adjudication. Our award-winning, patient engagement technologies use customizable, mobile-friendly tools to reduce readmissions, collect patient-recorded data and outcomes, and empower patients to take a more active role in their own care. We constantly invest in revenue cycle management solutions to ensure our clients can best manage the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Actual quotes from our Clients’ patients.

I think they are very attentive, they pay close attention to accounts and they are always looking & proactive in finding opportunity. We don’t have to have to point accounts out to them.

You do what you do very well. What makes you stand out is that you are more of a partner with us to help us be successful in our business.

The MedData staff is responsive to our patients needs and obviously to our needs as an organization, not only with our service & process.They are always right on top of issues. Very quick to respond and nip it.